Zain Cassiem

Éducateur anglophone Baobab

Éducateur AMI 3-6 ans

I am Zanodean Cassiem, 3-6 AMI Montessori Guide that has been working with children for more than 11 years. I obtained my 3-6 AMI Diploma f rom the Indaba Institute South Africa in Stellenbosch. I have a passion for theatre, nature and woodwork and enjoy Montessori Drama, Dance and Music. Throughout my Montessori journey I have worked in Middle school, Elementary school and for the past few years in the 3-6 phase.

These years have reminded me daily of how important it is to understand and connect with each and every child to help them on their journey to become independent human beings. I am very excited to be part of this beautiful school. To change the world we need to allow children to develop to their full potential as Montessori is a way of life.