Montessori School

Welcome to the Infant Community at IMS

The Infant Community at IMS Abidjan is a welcoming space dedicated to toddlers, from walking age to 3 years. Each environment is carefully supervised by a qualified Montessori teacher and two assistants, all certified by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), ensuring a quality educational environment conducive to the holistic development of children.

A Compassionate Approach

In the Infant Community, our approach aims to guide each child to express their personality fully in a caring environment. The first three years of life are crucial, and offering a Montessori framework means preparing the child to approach the fundamental learning of preschool with confidence, serenity, and willpower. Educators engage in patient work to encourage

autonomy, concentration, and emotion management, thus establishing the foundations for a successful educational journey.

Key Points of the Infant Community at IMS:


The Infant Community is where self-awareness is born in the child. With the support of educators, children gradually learn to master their natural impulses in favor of conscious will. It is an ongoing process that shapes their development.


Autonomy, often sought by parents, is at the heart of our program. The Infant community offers the necessary time to cultivate autonomy, with particular attention to patience and listening to each child’s desires. Activities are carefully designed to promote independence and psychological development.


Concentration, often underestimated in young children, is an essential aspect of our educational approach. Children are encouraged to work on increasingly longer sequences, reinforcing their ability to concentrate. This environment respects the fragility of this concentration and allows for its gradual development.

Emotion Management

The age of two is often considered tumultuous as children experience intense emotions without having the cognitive tools to manage them. Our educators understand the importance of guiding children in recognizing and expressing their emotions, contributing to their emotional and social development.


The innate curiosity of children is celebrated in the infant community. Children under 3 years old are explorers guided by their “inner teacher,” as Maria Montessori said. Our approach encourages this natural exploration and provides a secure environment where saying “yes” is as important as the exploration itself.

Toilet training

Montessori’s approach to potty training is rooted in Montessori principles of respect, fostering independence, and confidence from a young age. We accompany children in exploring the bathroom, thus promoting a healthy and positive development of this important stage in their lives.

Work Areas and Activities


This area enriches children’s vocabulary and helps them communicate with their peers using classified images, real objects, figurines, and language-learning activities like the library corner.

Practical Life

Activities in this area are related to daily life, promoting autonomy through repeated exercises. Presented in an orderly manner, these materials encourage the repetition and improvement of practical skills.


In this area, children explore different textures and materials, classifying and ordering elements. This process guides them from the concrete to the abstract, reinforcing their sensory and motor understanding.

Art and Music

Fostering creative expression, this area allows children to develop their musical and artistic taste through a variety of materials. Stimulating creativity, these activities contribute to the construction of thinking, openness to others, and self-awareness.


Nutrition plays a central role in children’s education. The healthy and varied meals offered by IMS support the physical and mental development of children. Activities related to meal organization contribute to the learning of “practical life” and socialization. IMS offers a balanced menu cooked on-site, designed by a dietitian (Mrs. Tatiana Ghandour), providing fresh and homemade meals

Registration Procedure:

Registrations are open throughout the year.

To join our infant community, contact us by providing your details and motivations via the form. After an interview and a visit, we will proceed with the registration, ensuring a smooth transition for your child into our enriching educational environment.