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Cosmic Education

Cosmic Education is a concept developed by Maria Montessori emphasizing the interconnectedness of all things in the universe.  It aims to provide a holistic education that helps children develop a deep understanding of their place in the world. 

It covers not only academic subjects but also includes lessons on peace, cultural diversity, and environmental awareness.

  The goal is to inspire a sense of responsibility and interconnectedness, encouraging children to understand the impact of their actions on the broader world and fostering a sense of global citizenship.

« Children must be taught how to think, not what to think » Margeret Mead

Elementary Bilingual Prepared Environment

The Elementary children explores the world with their intellectual mind and their imagination.  Keeping the elementary children’s interests and needs in mind, a multi-age (ages 6-12 yrs) prepared environment, offers the elementary program, the ‘Cosmic Education’.

Elementary-aged children

  • are naturally curious. They have a strong desire to explore the world around them, ask questions, and seek answers. They enjoy hands-on activities, experiments, and projects that allow them to explore and discover. This active engagement is crucial for their holistic development.


  • are developing their reasoning and critical thinking skills. They are able to analyse information, make connections, and draw conclusions. Providing opportunities for them to exercise these skills is important for their cognitive development.
  • begin to think more abstractly. They can grasp concepts beyond concrete, tangible objects and start to use their imagination in creative ways. This supports their cognitive growth and problem-solving skills.
  • are becoming more aware of social norms and moral values. Social interactions become increasingly important, and they start forming friendships and navigating social dynamics.
  • enjoys collaborative learning and hence working in small, mixed-age groups can provide a diverse learning environment, fostering cooperation, communication, and a sense of community.
  • needs “going out” to explore beyond the classroom. It is a field trip prepared by the children, who had the lesson, to learn more about the topic of interest in a small group.


This approach values the whole child, facilitates self-directed learning and aims to provide not only academic knowledge but also fosters social, emotional, and practical skills.

« Help me think by myself »


Since nutrition plays an important role in the whole development of the child, we empower our children with the understanding of how food fuels our bodies and teach them to make healthy choices for themselves.  The children organise the lunch set up.

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